Giveaway for my Next Craftsy Class!

YEAH! I just heard that in less than two weeks my new Craftsy class is launching!!!!! I spent the winter and spring designing this class and I cannot wait for you all to watch it!

Craftsy likes to tease almost as much as I do... and they are running a pre-launch class giveaway... want a chance to win my new class for free? Just click here and you'll be entered!

Last month when I was in Denver filming it and shot y'all a live video on my facebook page... did you see it? If not, sit down with your knitting and take a gander... it tells you ALOT about the class, and a little SWAP we are planning around it!

a little sneak peek of the afghan project in the class!
I'll announce the winner here the day the class launches! (Hopefully the first week of July!) I'll also have details about the swap, and most importantly, a link to get my new class for 50% off!!! (FYI, you can always get my Craftsy classes for 50% off here.) 

Oh, and I did hear that Craftsy is having a HUGE yarn sale this weekend in case you were needed to stock up on their new yarn line, Cloudborn. It looks like my Reversible Listado Kit is super discounted too!

(Full Disclosure: All the links in this post are affiliate links... meaning I earn more if you use them, and you pay less, so it is WIN/WIN for us both!)


Migra Mitts Kit!

Migra Mitts were designed as the pattern for the 3rd kit of 2015's M Club and now they are ready to release as a kit!
Migra Mitts are knit with one skein of Gale's Art MYS 622 a stunning blend of merino, yak, and silk. I've kept the original Lola's Red Gale dyed for the club last year... and added 3 new colors! The kit contains 250 yards of MYS, 2 different sizes of Japanese Seed Beads, a dental floss threader, and a download code for a pdf of the pattern.
Migra means Migrates in Spanish, which is a perfect translation for this beaded stitch as it migrates (or travels) from one side of the hand to the other. The pattern is sized, and the Right and Left Mitts are mirrored. 

You’ll get to play with two different beading techniques (beads on yarnovers and slipping beads in between stitches) while working double sided lace in the round... FUN TIMES!!!! The lovely part about this pattern is that the smaller beads (size 8) are the ones that are slipped between sts, and the larger beads (size 6) are worked on yarnovers... this makes it really easy to notice if you have gone off pattern or forgotten a bead!

And of course there is a video! It is 15 minutes long, and teaches you all the tricksy bits!

Kits are available... check them out! Can't wait to see which colors you are drawn too! I for one, am making myself the Silver ones!


My TNNA 2016 Recap!

Hello All!

I'm back from TNNA (the yarn industry's wholesale show) and once again it was a whirlwind of a weekend! As always the show was a blast... I've been going to TNNA for the last 10+ years in one capacity or another and it is always energizing to see so many friends! (oh, and all that yarn!) It was hard for me to stay put in my booth this year as Lola is REALLY excited about her new club and just wanted to shop for it!
One way you can tell that I'm having a good time is that I took hardly any photos... so I went to some of my buddies Instagram feeds and "borrowed" from them!

Clara and I clearly enjoy a good photo bomb!
My booth was full of friends and smiles like these all weekend long!
And then at night things got a little more serious.... if I'm ever in a girl band, this is my album cover!
Laura tried to steal my Synthesis.... I wouldn't let her, so now she needs to knit her own!
I fell in love with ALOT of goodies there... one of which is Kelbourne Woolens newest yarn... Arranmore. Mmmm, a wool, silk, cashmere Donegal tweed? I am in!
photo credit: Kelbourne Woolens blog
Upon my return I released the next M Club pattern, Brioche Bandido... have you seen it? I'm pretty darn in love with it! It combines: Stockinette Brioche, Crazy Cowl Construction and Beaded Two-Color Cable Cast On's... this design is chock full of learning which is what The M Club is all about! It combines exclusively dyed yarns from 4 indie Dyers: Periwinkle Sheep, Sweet Georgia Yarns, SpaceCadet Creations AND Jill Draper Makes Stuff...
Oh, and congrats go to Margarete2000 you are the winner of the Synthesis MKAL kit! Get in touch and I'll pop it in the mail to you!


Synthesis Mystery KAL revealed... with a Giveaway and Contest!

Gosh, I've been waiting for this week for months.... literally! One of the hardest things I have to do is not show my version of a Mystery KAL while you all knit away on yours! I've had my Synthesis done since January and have kept it hidden away. I am TOTALLY excited to be able to start wearing it!
Synthesis comes in two sizes, and incorporates those dropped stitches I am obsessed with, garter stitch, and a knitted on edging. It isn't hard knitting, but there are a few things to keep track of :)!

Wondering about the construction of Synthesis?
It is knit in 8 parts which I broke into 5 clues.
1. Top Edge is worked as one long strip.
2. Stitches are picked up along long edge of strip
and divided into sections.
3. Right Strip is worked out from Top Edge.
4. Right Connector is worked in between Top Edge
and Right Strip.
5. Left Strip is worked out from Top Edge.
6. Left Connector is worked in between Top Edge and Left Strip.
7. Center Connector is worked in between Left Strip and Right Strip.
8. Stitches are picked up along bottom edge, and then a knitted on Bottom Border is worked.

As always... my mystery KAL constructions are unique and keep the knitter guessing! I'm working on our MKAL for the Fall, and I have to say, it could be my craziest construction to date!
I've set up a thread in my Ravelry group for those of you knitting away on Synthesis that want support/help/cheering.... Synthesizers Knit ON! Please feel to join in there if you want to KAL along with everyone! I've also released a final version of Synthesis written as a shawl (with all the clues taken out.) This version has been uploaded to Ravelry.
I've also set up a contest thread for photos of finished Synthesis Shawls.... there will be two prizes, one for the best photo (judged by me), and one random winner. The prizes there are REALLY good, so go check them out. I'm leaving that contest open until July 15th, so there is time to finish up (or start and finish) AND get a great pic! I'm already deeply in love with this photo of Kikukat's Synthesis.
Finally, to celebrate revealing Synthesis I have an extra Synthesis M Club kit to give to one of you.... 2 skeins of Mrs. Crosby Reticule in Synthesis with beads to match (this yarn was dyed exclusively for The M Club)
Just leave a comment below letting me know what you think of this construction. Don't forget to leave a way to get in touch with you... I'll keep comments open through June 3rd and announce a winner in a future blog post!