New Cambio and Stereo Colors for Fall!

I'm excited to finally share two new color ways I've been working on for the Cambio Kits...
 (both Cowl and Cap)
Introducing Fuschia (above) and Lichen (below)! I had such a hard time choosing two new Freia colors to add to the line, but in the end these were clear winners.
And, since I introduced a new solid color from Jill Draper Makes Stuff in Esopus it meant I got to design a new Stereo Cuff as well.... It's called Moonless, and I love it so much I want to marry it! I actually made this one for Jill to give her at Rhinebeck, but decided I needed to keep it... guess I need to make her one before I see her at Vogue Knitting Live (where I'm teaching and she's vending) in January!
And finally.... I've announced the fabulous yarny prizes for the Magmatic BOOM KAL in my Ravelry group.  Check it out!
I'll have all these new colorways with me this weekend at The Windy Knitty Booths #102-104 at Vogue Knitting Live... I'll be there Saturday 1 - 3 signing copies of Knockout Knits and trying not to buy all the yarn!


Rhinebeck bound with a sweater!!!

YES! I finished my sweater in time for Rhinebeck! I've been working on my Lopi Affection since earlier this summer, and it's actually done!
I blame Kay Gardiner for this sweater as I was innocently reading Twitter one night when she shared it and at midnight suddenly I found myself buying yarn and the pattern... you know the story!
I love Lett Lopi for light warm sweaters, but find it itchy as all get out, so I used Quince and Co Osprey from stash on the cuffs, hem and yoke to protect my delicate skin. This worked out well, all I had to do was go down a needle size for the yoke so it didn't bag out.
I made the second to smallest size, and didn't mod it other than decided to add the two extra sts for the steek.  I wasn't sure if I would button or zip it but once I finished it (with a hand sewn ribbon facing) and tried it on with a button I decided a zipper would be more wearable and flattering.  I sewed in the zipper OVER the ribbon and I'm finding it a bit stiff.  I might need to snip it out and reapply the zipper without the ribbon, but that will have to wait until a snow storm hits.
Who knows what the weather will be like at Rhinebeck... but chances are you'll see me wearing my new sweater! I've got a full schedule besides being out shopping or waiting in line for Artichoke French, I'll also be in Building A, booth 25 helping The Spinning Room show/sell my kits and I've got some signings for Knockout Knits and meet-ups scheduled!

10-11:30- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)
12:00- Ravelry meet up (on the hill)
3:30-5:00- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)

10-11:30- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)
12:00- Ravelry meet up (on the hill)
3:00-4:00- Merrit Books Building B (in the back)

But first, I'm off to Ohio to shoot a segment of Knitting Daily TV!  Life is certainly not boring : )! (Follow me on Instagram or Twitter if you want to keep up with that adventure!)


Tutorial: The Making of a Magic Ball (with Magic Knots!)

I've been a wee bit obsessed with designing for magic ball knitting lately and decided it was time to make a photo tutorial to show the magic knot I use for joining skeins and teach you a few tricks about having it be successful. Jane Richmond has an excellent video that shows this knot, which is how I learned about it.  Thanks Jane!

Step 1: Choose Your Yarn!  I decided to play with my LYS's excellent "stash" of Knitted Witt Gumballs for this tutorial. I choose enough to knit another Gusto as I can't really get enough of that pattern! (From the bottom to the top: Silver Lining, Oregon Sky, Honey Lavender, Buckle My Shoes, Winter's Night, Prussian Blue, Guy Noir) You can join together yarns in stash (see note below), or have a base yarn and join bits of color throughout it (like I did for Magmatic Boom).  This is where you get to be CREATIVE! If you aren't sure about the amount you can use a digital scale to weigh your odds and ends. Then begin to wind your yarn.
Step 2: Lay down the two ends you want to join with the tails going in opposite directions.
Step 3: Take one end and go underneath the other end to the opposite side.
Step 4: Then bring that end back over and lay it across itself.
Step 5: Then take that end and go inside the loop you have created to make a overhand knot.
Step 6: Pull tight.
Step 7: Repeat with other tail.

Step 8:  Holding onto the working yarn, start to pull in opposite directions.
Step 9:  Keep pulling, the two knots will slide together.
Step 10: Pull all the way tight!
Step 11: Trim the ends VERY close to the knot, sharp scissors help!
Step 12: Test your knot by yanking on it HARD! If you do not follow these steps exactly the knot will pop apart! 
I want to make a note that this knot is not perfect for every yarn and you should definitely test it with your yarn before you commit to it. I've heard that it doesn't work well with single ply yarn, yarns with high silk content, and cellulose based fibers (like cotton, rayon and tencel).  You can put a bit of Fray Check on it, which will make it hold... but just do a test first to be sure, sometimes it can change the color and hand of your fiber. Your other choice for joining the ends is to use a Russian Join, which will work on wool fibers but not the other fibers listed above.

(As seen on Knitty.com's blog)


Three things!

1. I released Magmatic Boom yesterday, the last pattern in Just One More... did you see it?  We've got a little contest going over in the Ravelry group and plan to have a KAL with prizes... join in, won't you?

2. Did you see that I'm the designer for Craftsy's November Mystery KAL Workshop!  I've kept this under wraps for a while and am SO excited to share this mitt pattern with you!  It's perfecto for gift knitting.....
3. Besides some super duper secret knitting I'm almost done with my Rhinebeck sweater!  I hope it's cold enough next weekend to wear it!  I posted my schedule and hope to see many of my knitting peeps there... Rhinebeck is THE BEST!
I'm off this morning to teach a mini focus group a new class I'm designing for Vogue Knitting Live, the Craft of Casting On.  If I weren't such a perfectionist I'd just show up at Vogue and teach some cast on's but I love my classes to be organized, well thought-out, and content driven....  Wish me luck that I don't make my students heads explode while I try out my idea on them!