Knit Stars Travel Tips!

By now you have probably heard I am one of the Instructors in Knit Stars 2.0, an online knitting summit, in October 2017!

Checkout these Travel Tips from a few Knit Stars 2.0 instructors...
(Tip: my little travel trick is at the end... )

Filming is over, my handouts are with the tech editor and I am SO excited to share my explorations into lace around the world with you! I built a small stitch dictionary with stitches inspired by Shetland, Estonia and Japan which I share in my seminar.

If you haven't signed up for Knit Stars yet, now is the time!
There is going to be one more enrollment window starting this Friday Sept 8th and you don't want to miss out!


Contexta Afghan Available for ALL!

I cannot believe it has been a year since I released Knitting Texture with Craftsy! Well, it has been, so that means I can release Contexta as an individual pattern!

This version of Contexta has a little edition... the world's easiest Octagon with no texture at all!
I added this as a friend of mine needed Contexta to be as easy as it possibly could be! At last report she is addicted to making the mitered squares for it and hasn't started any Octagons.

The Contexta Friendship SWAP we had last Fall was AMAZING... out of the SWAP 23 new blankets were created (or are in process!), AND a Contexta Octagon Expansion Pack was born with 7 new Octagon designs in it. All proceeds from the Expansion Pack are being donated to cancer research, and I'm proud to say that we've already donated $625! Awesome! (You can read more about the project here.)

Contexta was originally designed and knit in Cloudborn Superwash Merino Twist, which was fabulous to knit with, but I always wanted to see Contexta knit in a non-superwash hand-dyed yarn. Luckily my buddy Jill's Mom, Gail, decided she needed to knit a Contexta in Jill's yarn, Windham. Want to see? Isn't it STUNNING?

Windham is a worsted weight, non superwash wool that is locally sourced, milled and dyed. Y'all this is yarn you can feel good about!

Jill and her mom are so thrilled with Contexta that Jill decided to make kits for it!
(Also she is offering a discount on Windham if you want to choose your own colors).
Just use the code BlanketFort at Checkout!

Check out these gorgeous choices:
I anticipate that some of you might ask about care for a non-superwash blanket.... but here's the thing, I wouldn't put my Contexta knit in Cloudborn  in the washing machine and dryer. When it is time to clean it I'll soak it in the bathtub, spin it out in the washing machine and then lay it out to dry. This can be done on my deck on a sheet on a warm/dry day.... or on a sheet on my guest room bed on a wet day. The trick is to really spin out the extra moisture in the washing machine, and then to flip it once or twice (and change the sheet underneath if it is really damp) as it dried. Machine washing and drying anything causes extra wear and tear and I want my blanket to last for as long as possible!

Finally, entirely by accident this is my first blog post in over 2 months... whoops! I'm determined to start blogging more,  I've promised to journal my travels to Shetland and France (which is a few blog posts) and I've got a lot more to share too!


Hring Scarf and a New Beaded Cast On!

The next Lola's Choice kit shipped last week... I have been so excited for it to land in people's mailbox! Hring Scarf incorporates a the Bird's Eye stitch (a traditional Shetland Lace) which I have been obsessed with all spring....
The stitch makes a fabulous lacy scarf, but it isn’t the easiest to work… so I made two options for this scarf! You can work the Hring Stitch and be a bit challenged, or you can go easy on yourself and work the eyelet stitch. It is totally up to you!

I used IndigoDragonFly's Alternative Flax (aka Linen Silk) in Peony, a color Kim developed for Hring... it is the perfect spring summer scarf yarn, and I know I'll be packing mine for our adventures this summer!

You might have noticed I developed a new beaded lace cast on for Hring as I adore the way the beads help the scarf lay at each end!

If you want to sign up for Lola's Choice (my mini kit club that ships bi-monthly), that is easy to do... just go here and read all about it!

Hring is also available as a single pattern, but if you want a Hring kit you need to e-mail me, I don't have alot left and if you sign up for Lola's Choice the first kit you will receive is in July!


Finishing Options for Creatrix: Beaded Picot and Lace Bind Off!

YEAH! If you are reading this post it must mean you are almost ready to bind off your Creatrix MKAL! (Spoiler Alert: If you read/watch ahead you will see bits of Creatrix, so if you want to keep the mystery going don't watch these just yet!)

First Off, you'll see in the pattern that I give you 2 options for binding off Creatrix, a Beaded Picot Bind Off, and a Beaded Lace Bind Off!

Watch this video to learn more about them:

Here's a video tutorial for the Beaded Picot Bind Off (done with Size 6 beads):

Here's a video tutorial for the Beaded Lace Bind Off (done with Size 6 beads):

Remember... you can work either of these bind off's without beads, just skip the placing bead step.

Thankyou again and again for playing with me on this! I hope you enjoyed yourself and learned a ton!